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Fun Stuff


In days of sail, everyone had to learn the ropes. In the museum we let you do just that. Some of our stewards are experts and can teach you knots – knots that are still in use today in Dartmouth Harbour on fishing boats, yachts, tall ships, working boats, even on Ocean Liners. The knots exhibit shown here gives you the chance to try your hand, even to race a friend.

Who can learn to tie a bowline and then who can tie it fastest?

Can you tie it with your eyes closed?

Our webmaster can!

One of our stewards got into trouble today, so we had to put him in the stocks! Poor John left home without tidying his room! We left him locked in the stocks until his other half said he could come out.

Trying the stocks out isn’t just for kids. If you’re visiting us with a grownup, get them to sit in the stocks and take their picture (remember to ask the steward on duty first because we don’t normally allow photography in the museum, but, with permission, these stocks are fine to photograph when one of your party’s in them). These are a replica, of course. You can’t try out the old town stocks in The Holdsworth Room. But you can see them.

Why not put your teacher in the stocks when you come on a school visit?  or perhaps Mum or Dad if they have been misbehaving!