Mayflower Exhibition Planned

Work has started on an exciting new Mayflower exhibition in the Museum, opening in July this year. A new 10 foot Replica Model of the ship will be the star – built in Dartmouth by volunteers under skilled leadership and open from stem to stern on one side to display the inside and the cramped quarters. On an adjacent screen there will be images of the Pilgrims’ adventures. You can also sit in a  claustrophobic cabin alongside sleeping pilgrims and watch Mayflower videos. A new painting of Dartmouth in 1620 will take you back 400 years and there will be model figures of Pilgrims in their best church gear. Imagine yourself tossed around in storms and arriving in a strange unfamiliar land after two months at sea in freezing winter with no accommodation. All in our quirky genuine 1640 building.

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