Replica Mayflower Model news – Work goes on during Lockdown


Lockdown has brought new challenges for the team building the Replica Mayflower model, destined for the Mayflower Exhibition in the Museum. With the Sandquay workshop closed and the almost complete hull of the model frozen on site the project plan has been turned upside down. The ever-resourceful team is responding to Ian Kirkwood’s revised impromptu plan, moving the June work to April.

Beavering away in splendid isolation at home on masts, spars, rigging, research and internal contents and re-jigging the background paperwork are: Ian Kirkwood himself with help from Niki, Spencer Wigley, Aiden James, Phil Braakenburg, David Heron, and Bob Hart. Don Campbell is hunkering down and John Alker pleads an inability to travel back from New Zealand! John Lancaster, the Master Woodturner is helping from Barnstaple.  The photos below show the variety and ambition of the work. Home workshops have been modified, tools and equipment moved, and innovative new machines built.  Dartmouth now has its first rope-making facility in hundreds of years.

Regular communication, both stick and carrot applied by Ian, takes place by WhatsApp and raw materials are still bought or collected and ferried to point of need on a ‘just in time’ basis. Jaguar Land Rover would be envious.

The outcome? We can only fight to reduce the impact of lockdown on the timetable.  Good progress is being made, morale is high and we are all learning new skills. Do contact us if you feel you can help in any way.

Capt.Ian The home workshop in operation producing masts, spars and fittings.

John Lancaster’s Barrels

Aiden – the Master Ropemaker. We have a new Ropewalk in town.

David, of Gudgeons and Pintels fame.

The Crows Nest

John Lancaster’s lifelike Capstan

Phil, ‘the Block and Tackle’

David, of Gudgeons and Pintels fame.

Ladders & Doors

The Mayflower Shallop

Bob offering the Queen’s Shilling to reluctant crew

Delivery of Blocks, Deadeyes and Rope – with distancing

Spencer –  materials to be bought, delivered and paid for.

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