Evacuation – ‘A Tale of Three Villages’ – tells the story ofhow military rehearsals for D-Day changed a South Devon community forever.

In November 1943 three thousand people in South Devon were told they were to be evacuated from their homes within six weeks.

They had to leave by Christmas taking all their possessions and livestock with them. Slapton Sands was to be used as a practice area by American troops and it would not be safe for people to remain in their homes. What they didn’t know was that the training was for the D-Day landings which would herald the end of the Second World War.
The film includes rare archive footage made available by the Dartmouth Museum, old photographs from the Blackawton and Strete History Group and interviews filmed with residents of the area who were children at the time. It paints a picture of life before the War, the build-up to the evacuation, life during it and the eventual return.
The film was funded by the South Devon Coastal Local Action Group, South Devon AONB and Slapton Line Partnership and was directed by Strete-based audio and video producer lan Phillips.

Proceeds from the film are being used to support the work of Dartmouth Museum, Kingsbridge Cookworthy Museum, Dartmouth Flavel Centre and local history groups.

Film Duration: 71 mins

Format: Standard Definition

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