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Dartmouth is rich in history with much recorded on documents in the Museum and elsewhere. There are also many paintings, prints and supporting photographs; all are held and catalogued and are conserved in carefully controlled environmental conditions in rooms in the Butterwalk premises.

In the Museum reading rooms can be found information on family history and the story of the buildings including family houses in the town. If your interest is in World War II there are many photographs and some film of the era including the part played by the clandestine Royal Navy 15th Motor Gunboat Flotilla that delivered agents to France and rescued airmen from there. Back in the Civil War General Fairfax fighting for Parliament relieved Dartmouth of the King’s soldiers in 1646 and the Museum holds a transcript of his report on the operation.

The Triangular Trade with Newfoundland and Portugal went on for centuries and in the early 20th Century the Britannia Royal Naval College was built, to become one of the best known locations in the Country. To have been trained at Dartmouth is the proud boast of many Naval Officers from Countries across the world. Dartmouth Museum has archive documents and photographs of the development of Officer training on the River Dart from the arrival of two large sailing warships in 1863. All this and so much more is available for research and browsing by visitors and particularly by Museum members who can learn how to use the digital catalogue and find their own information.

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Sea King Farewell

DA Reference: DA_712

File Size: 68.74MB

File Type: Video.mp4

We join the final 'Farewell Tour' of the Sea King Helicopter - filmed air to air as the formation fly...

WWII Veteran Interview Irving Locker

DA Reference: DA 5555

File Size: 23.7MB

File Type: Audio.mp3

A unique interview with Commander David Lingard RN (Retired), Curator of Dartmouth Museum and Staff Sergeant Irvine Locker US Army...

Floating Bridge Dartmouth

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 1.50MB

File Type: Image.jpg

The floating bridge with cars disembarking on the Dartmouth side Circa 1950

Fore Street Church Clock Tower

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 719KB

File Type: Image.jpg

Kingsbridge Fore Street church spire with clock tower

Exercise Tiger Tank Memorial

DA Reference: 123456

File Size: 11.7MB

File Type: Image.jpg

An American WWII Sherman Tank at the Exercise Tiger Memorial at Torcross South Devon.

Bayards Cove at Low Tide

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 12.2MB

File Type: Image.tif

Bayards Cove painting at low tide

Kingswear Castle

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 555KB

File Type: Image.jpg

Kingswear Castle on the River dart

Phillip & Son Boatyard

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 5.39MB

File Type: Image.jpg

Aerial image of the Phillip & Son Boatyard.

Lower Ferry Slipway

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 766KB

File Type: Image.jpg

Lower Ferry slipway

Junckers & Hawker Hurricane

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 21.7MB

File Type: Image.tif

Junckers chasing a Hawker Hurricane past the Dartmouth Castle

BRNC Fireworks

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 442KB

File Type: Image.jpg

Still Image of the Firework Display at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

Mouth of the River Dart

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 11.8MB

File Type: Image.jpg

Aerial image of the mouth of the River Dart.

Dartmouth Embankment Canon

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 5.66MB

File Type: Image.jpg

Canon looking the Dartmouth Castle.

Brown Hill Steps

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 7.36MB

File Type: Image.jpg

Browns Hill Steps Circa 2018


Main Catalogue ID: DM PP4-Example-123

DA Reference: DA 123456

File Size: 18.1MB

File Type: Image.jpg

Aerial image of Warfleet looking towards Britannia Royal Naval College.

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